Community celebrates new Dewey Center

On Saturday, July 21, donors and community members came together to open the new Dewey Center on the Aurora Behavioral Center Campus in Wauwatosa. This emotional event was the culmination of a $35 million investment by Aurora Health Care, supported by Aurora Health Care Foundation’s ongoing $1.5 million Renew, Restore, Rebuild campaign.

Watch highlights of the day's events here.

Donors and community members toured the new facility, which has double the residential capacity and consolidates Aurora’s addiction recovery services into one modern facility. 

“I’m so excited about how many more people will be able to get help,” said Myriah Mundt, whose story has inspired so many to support the campaign. “The need is so great. And the Dewey Center takes care of all the aspects of addiction.”
Pete Carlson, president of Aurora Behavioral Health Services, agreed. 

 “The programs at the Dewey Center reach beyond the addiction, and address the emotional, psychological, social and biological issues involved,” said Carlson. “Our dedication and ability to provide individualized modalities of therapy within a single program - under one roof - and our attention to the continuum of care is what sets us apart.”

Helping individuals; helping communities
"Our vision for meaningful recovery requires more than clinical treatment,” said Lance Longo, MD, medical director of the new Dewey Center. “It involves personal growth, adjustment, adaptation and change. The more support and guidance patients have, the better their chances of recovery.”

The expansion includes space for integrative therapies shown to buoy a patients physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 

“Recovery can often be a long, hard road. The new center will hopefully be a beacon of hope for the many lives the center will touch in the years to come," Longo said.

To find out how you can support the critical work being done at the Dewey Center, please contact Judy Strout at

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