'Living my best truth': April's story

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Aurora Health Care Foundation is supporting the healing journey of survivors by sharing their stories and raising critical funds for Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services. This is April’s story in her own words.

The sexual violence that happened in our family completely destroyed us and left me at a loss. I remember not knowing how to function, feeling untrusting of everything and uncertain of the future, just wanting to run.

I called the Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services 24/7 crisis hotline with the intention of finding support for my daughters, but in return, I found my own saving in Aurora Healing Center.

When I first started talking, I remember I had no direction, I didn’t know which way to go, and I was so confused. I needed guidance. I had just gotten the whole world dumped on me with no instructions.

In working with the Aurora Healing Center, I was provided the tools to navigate my emotions and complex situations. I am now more confident in myself, and I believe in my ability more than I ever had.

My feelings and reactions are valid, and I can confidently navigate through situations that have high emotional impact. What I have learned has allowed me to be a role model and advocate to my girls along with my peers. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow, finding more inner peace, and being comfortable with what is. I look forward to living my best truth.

I would not be where I am today without Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services. Donations to Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services directly support counseling, emergency forensic care, the 24/7 crisis hotline and more to help survivors like me heal and thrive. 

Thank you for giving me the tools, reassurance and a safe space for me to reclaim my voice.

How you can help

Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services provides healing services for survivors of sexual and domestic violence from the point of crisis through lifelong recovery. To ensure access and privacy for all survivors in our community, services are provided at no cost and are only possible because of the generosity of donors like you. Please consider making a gift today and supporting survivors like April.  

As part of her healing journey, April wrote a message of hope and strength to her younger self.

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