Comfort is having specialized care for babies close to home

Jackie Campbell was only 27 weeks pregnant when she started having contractions. She had no idea she was in labor. After all, it was much too early.

“The doctors at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center tried to slow my labor, but it all happened so fast,” recalled Jackie. “Our daughter, Nora, was born weighing just two pounds, 11 ounces.”

Because of Nora’s gestational age, she was transferred to Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee, which could provide the level of care she needed.

“It was terrifying at first. When we drove down to see her the morning after she was born, we were just totally unprepared. We didn’t know how long she’d be in the hospital; it was extremely emotional.”

The hour-long drive to Milwaukee wasn’t bad. But going home was heart-wrenching.

“I felt like I was abandoning my daughter,” Jackie admitted. “But at the same time, I knew she was in the most capable hands. It was really rough, but the care team at Aurora Sinai made it as easy as possible.”

Closer to home

After a month in Milwaukee, Nora was ready to be transferred to the NICU at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center.

“It was so much easier on our family when she was back in Sheboygan. We were able to walk to the hospital to go visit her.”

Nora would spend another two months in the NICU before she was ready to go home.

“We spent many hours in the NICU and saw a lot of kids come through. Not just preemies, but babies born to mothers on drugs who were going through withdrawal, babies who had complications from gestational diabetes; there are just so many situations in which newborns need NICU care.”

Seeing all those babies and having her own child in the NICU made Jackie and her husband that much more grateful to have such specialized care in their community.

“Just knowing that there’s a bed available for your baby and they can take care of you right away is a great comfort,” said Jackie.

Happy and healthy

Nora just celebrated her second birthday in October 2018. You’d never know how early she was born by looking at her.

“She is absolutely thriving. She just had her two-year check up with her pediatrician, and she’s in the 50th percentile for height and weight. We also take her in for developmental testing once a year to make sure she’s on track and she’s more than caught up,” Jackie smiled. “She’s amazing.”

How you can help

You can help families like the Campbells receive the best care possible close to home. To learn more, visit You can also contact Sara Alger at or 262-235-9506.

Nora, six days old

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