You can help bring families together for the holidays

There’s something about Thanksgiving that brings families together like no other holiday. The conversation, the laughter, the togetherness—and of course, the meal.

Many families have a special holiday meal, but not all families are able to celebrate traditions in the way that many of us take for granted. 

But you can help!

With a gift of just $35 to Aurora Family Service’s Family to Family Thanksgiving, you can provide a family in Milwaukee with all the ingredients needed to prepare and share a meal this Thanksgiving.

One family tells us, “Things have been tight. Several family members have been going through some big medical things. These medical things created large medical costs. This basket of food helped us have a good Thanksgiving. We thank your organization for doing this for us. Bless you all.”

Since 1996, more than 67,000 families have been able to share a Thanksgiving meal together because of the generosity of donors like you.

Vanessa says, “This year has been very hard to make ends meet. We are a working family and budget every penny we get. At the age we are at now, we are not able to do much labor work. So, our options are limited. I’m not too proud to ask for help, but people that have less than us come to us for help. So, thank you so much for giving all of us a chance to have sit at the table and have an awesome meal.” 

Donate today

Every family deserves to share a meal together this Thanksgiving. To make a gift and help families like Vanessa’s, please click here.

Volunteers help pack thousands of bags with all the ingredients needed for a complete Thanksgiving meal. 

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