You can help team members advance their expertise to provide the best care possible

Becoming a physician, advanced practice clinician, nurse or other health care specialist requires many years of education before earning a license or board certification. In subsequent years, continuing education is necessary to maintain their license.  
At Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, our clinical care teams look beyond the baseline continuing education courses they need just to maintain their license. Instead our clinical care teams are propelled by developing expertise in a broad range of skills and procedures, mastering high-acuity competencies and the latest innovations in care. 
“Aurora Medical Center in Grafton has become a leader in innovation, and it's driven by our clinical teams,” said Carrie Killoran, president for the greater Milwaukee patient service area. “Our physicians are dedicated to continually finding the newest and best ways to treat our patients. They’re constantly learning, and they're bringing that knowledge back to our patients.”  

It is also important to learn leadership disciplines and skills that translate beyond the bedside. In particular, physicians and advanced practice clinicians must learn to build and lead a cohesive team effectively, while providing strategic insights to the business strategy of patient-centered care. 
“The residents love it here - the culture of teaching and the collegiality between everyone. Treating them more as colleagues as opposed to just a resident fosters the culture of collaboration and innovation in care,” said general surgeon Dr. James Rydlewicz.
Clinical teams are also instrumental in teaching younger physicians. “No innovation, research or academic work is complete without teaching, without passing the baton to the next generation. And that is one part of my job that I love dearly,” shared electrophysiologist Dr. Mohamed Djelmami-Hani.
The hospital’s spirit of innovation drives these visionaries to see beyond the traditional walls of patient care, beyond their typical continuing medical education, and to reimagine health to truly help more people live well.
“Our culture encourages team members to challenge the status quo, discover new technologies, protocols and implement models of care that make a difference in the lives of those we serve. The Education and Leadership Endowment allows us to facilitate progressive changes that will continually elevate the level of care with the best possible outcomes for patients today, tomorrow and for future generations,” said Dr. Michelle Blakely, hospital president. 
How you can help
Through the Education and Leadership Endowment, you will help team members who are dedicated to excellence gain access to the tools, training and leadership skills sets they need to continually innovate, achieve positive outcomes and provide the best care possible. Consider making a donation to the future of care and those pioneering the latest techniques in elevating patient care through our Education and Leadership Endowment.
To learn more about Innovations in Care at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, visit our web page

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