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“Nurses have a tremendous opportunity to impact the lives of our patients,” said Sarah Maciolek, APN.

As a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist in the emergency department at Advocate Children’s Hospital, Sarah knows firsthand how much of an impact she and her peers truly have on their patients. Her patients often arrive in critical condition and her expertise and ability to act quickly can make all the difference.

Sarah says simulation training is key to being prepared for any emergency that comes her way. “It is really the most hands-on and beneficial way to get educated and learn how to communicate as a team.”

In May, she was able to advance her training by attending the International Pediatric Simulation Symposia Workshop thanks to a grant from an Advocate Aurora Health nursing education fund. “With travel to Toronto, hotel costs and conference fees, there was no way I could have attended without the support from this grant,” Sarah said.

One of the most valuable sessions she took part in focused on practicing debriefing skills. A debriefing is the vital communication meeting that happens after a simulation and allows teams to evaluate what they learned. “Working in an emergency department, team dynamics are absolutely critical. We have to be able to communicate well with each other,” shared Sarah.

When Sarah returned from the conference, she put her new skills into action. She designed a simulation and debriefing exercise to teach other nurses about a pediatric massive transfusion protocol using a new workflow and checklist. The simulation was just successfully tested with the clinical teams at our Park Ridge campus.

Nurses often spend more time with our patients than anyone else. You can enhance their education and professional development by supporting an Advocate Aurora Health nursing education fund. It can make a difference in moments when our patients need it most.

Sarah explained, “If we didn’t have funds like this, it would really limit our ability to share the work we’re doing at Advocate Aurora Health and to learn from others who are also on the cutting edge of our profession.”

Please consider making a gift today.

Sarah Maciolek, APN

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