Nearly 300,000 smiles...thanks to donors like you!

Whether you made a gift or volunteered, we thank you for another great year of Family to Family Thanksgiving!

For more than 20 years, Aurora Family Service and its volunteers and generous donors make an incredible impact on real people. Check out the difference you've made:

In 2018: 

     • 284 thoughtful volunteers

     • 558 generous donors who gave at least $35 to feed a family of four

     • 3,100 meals provided

     • 2,000+ people who gathered together and celebrated Thanksgiving

     • More than $125,000 raised to help those in need

Since the program began in 1996:

     • 67,700 families fed

     • 270,800 smiling faces around tables at Thanksgiving (WOW!)

Those numbers are striking. But we think one participating family, the Scott Family, said it best. “It is heartwarming to know there are caring people that offered up their time, money and consideration to ensure my family has a meal to share during Thanksgiving. Thank you! Many blessings to you and yours.”

You’ve done so much for so many. We appreciate you and the heart and soul you bring to Family to Family Thanksgiving. Please accept our sincere thanks. We hope to see you in November!

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