Thank You Letters

Each year, we receive thank you letters from families whose lives have been touched by the Family to Family Thanksgiving program. Here are a few.

My family was the recipient of a Thanksgiving dinner from Aurora Family Service. We are so grateful. What did it mean to us? It meant that we as a family could continue the time-honored tradition of giving thanks as many millions of families do each year.

I am a seasonal construction worker who often gets laid off during the winter, and my wife is a part-time MPS food service worker. We sometimes don't know how we're going to make the holidays work but thanks to Aurora Family Service, you made it happen.

It's the aroma of a turkey in the oven that makes our house a home. And there is no place like home during the holidays.

Throughout the year, we rarely sit together at the dinner table. The table is usually filled with schoolbooks, homework and, yes, stacks of bills. But when the table is cleared and our best plates and glassware is set out, the kids eagerly await for that truly home-cooked holiday dinner.

These are the moments that childhood memories are created and fondly cherished for a lifetime. Though we lack the words to express our gratitude, you helped this family enrich our spirit and love. We know you care. For this, we give thanks.

God bless Aurora Family Service,
Jeffrey, Holly and family

I'd like to thank you for the turkey dinner my family received this Thanksgiving; it really helped us out. I was so worried that there would be no Thanksgiving for my family but thanks to you, we had food on our plates. The food was wonderful and it helped make our holidays better. We really were tight on money so it was greatly appreciated. Thank you for giving my family the opportunity to have a happy holiday.

Thank you again,


It was a great Thanksgiving for my family. I was very surprised that my family was chosen to receive a Thanksgiving basket. We really needed it because my mother did not have a lot of money to buy food. It really helped everyone feel better and enjoy the holidays together. My mom has a lot of bills and medical problems this year so this made things a little easier. It would have been a sad holiday without your help.


I would like to take the time to thank you for the turkey basket. It really turned Thanksgiving into a holiday and gave me some food to last a couple of days. Having just moved and being on a fixed income, it made it even more of a special day. So thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it!


Thank you to everyone who made my Thanksgiving a great one. I didn't know how I was going to make Thanksgiving possible for my family. I am taking care of two grandsons with a limited income. I felt so relieved to have this gift of a meal given to my family. My grandsons and I were able to come together around the table and eat a wonderful meal with the food you provided. We were able to share how thankful we are for each other and for people like you.leaf My boys do not have a lot of extras so it was a real treat for them to get such a special meal. I hope you can all imagine the big smile on their faces when they saw that big turkey and bag full of fixings. It made my day just to know someone cared.

Thank you for your kindness,