Dr. Daniel Ortiz: first recipient of the Sullivan Cardiac Research Award for Residents and Fellows

Interventional cardiologist Daniel Ortiz, MD, received the first Sullivan Cardiac Research Award for Residents and Fellows in 2014. His research successes gave him a boost that made him a top candidate for the 2015-16 Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program, based at Aurora St. Luke's.

The award was made possible thanks to a $1 million donation from Vivian and Tim Sullivan of Milwaukee.

"Dr. Ortiz's research under the mentorship of Drs. Tanvir Bajwa and Mark Mewissen has led to development of a tool that stratifies patients at greatest risk for bleeding during treatment for peripheral vascular disease," said Dr. Randall Lambrecht, President of Aurora Research Institute. "This tool allows better management of patients and improved outcomes."

Aurora’s research outcomes are extensive. Look for information about the institute's programs and studies in its 2014 Patient-Centered Research Annual Report online.

for placement only

Daniel Ortiz, MD, conducts cardiovascular research through the Aurora Research Institute.

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