The Aurora Women's Pavilion of Aurora West Allis Medical Center

The Aurora Women's Pavilion provides one-of-a-kind care to Milwaukee area women. Philanthropic gifts help support this new model of care, which addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women.

  • Comprehensive care: Services that address the needs of women at all phases of their adult life.
  • Clinical excellence: Expertise that uses the most advanced technologies andthe latest breakthroughs.
  • Innovative care: Medical excellence that is combined with the proven benefits of complementary therapies, along with advice on living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Integrated care: Recognizing the interconnectedness of a woman's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The professionals at the Aurora Women's Pavilion listen to every woman and provide her with all of the information she requires for health and total well-being.
  • A healing environment: Promoting healing and recovery in an atmosphere that has been designed to be welcoming, peaceful and renewing.

For information about the Aurora Women's Pavilion of Aurora West Allis Medical Center and how you can help strengthen the level of health care available to women in the Milwaukee area, contact:

Elaine Maly
Director Foundation Development
(414) 219-7827

Make an online donation to the Aurora Women's Pavilion