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No one chooses a psychiatric disorder

Disorders strike without regard to status or family background. For all involved, the financial, social and personal costs are enormous. Ill persons may have trouble making friends, holding a job, paying attention in school and maintaining relationships. They sometimes become violent or suicidal.

Families can be destroyed by the high cost of purchasing prescription drugs, or by the instability of an ill parent or child. Afflicted persons struggle not only with their illness, but also with the associated stigma. The hopelessness and helplessness can be devastating, especially for children.

A center of excellence in behavioral health care

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital provides an ideal setting of hope and healing for individuals struggling with mental health or substance abuse problems. Through our high level of expertise, commitment to excellence and leading-edge clinical research, our patients have access to the most advanced and innovative treatment options available. Since 1884, it has been our mission to deliver these services in a caring and respectful manner, reflecting the dignity and individuality of each person.

Did you know in the U.S. alone...

  • Mental illness impacts 1 in 4 families
  • Mental illness is the 2nd leading cause of disability and premature mortality
  • Depression is as great a risk factor for heart disease as is smoking
  • There are 30,000 suicides in the U.S. annually, more than the number of homicides
  • 44.3 million American adults suffer from a diagnosable psychiatric disorder
  • Mental health problems cost an estimated $20 billion per year

Psychiatric disorders are as real and debilitating as heart attacks and broken bones. But those who suffer from them are increasingly unable to find and afford needed care. Demand for care has increased while payments fall short of costs.

The ripple effect of your donation

  • How can one person, like yourself, make a difference? That's easy. Consider one man's struggle with alcohol dependence. Your donation could help to return a loving father back to a family that has been hurt physically, emotionally and financially by his drinking.
  • Consider the woman whose bipolar disorder caused debilitating mood swings. Your donation could help to return a valuable employee back to a company that held her job for her and co-workers who never gave up on her recovery.
  • Consider the teenager whose depression drove her to attempt suicide. Your donation could help to return a happy, energetic daughter back to a family that anguished over their inability to ease her pain, but whose arms were always open.

That's a lot of ripples.

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital is grateful for the philanthropy of our donors that has helped make our organization a leader in the region as a highly skilled specialty hospital that provides mental health services with compassion and dignity to all in need.

About Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital is a non-profit hospital and has been providing quality behavioral health care since 1884. We are always seeking new opportunities to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve.

Formerly known as Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital, the hospital is part of Aurora Behavioral Health Services. Aurora Psychiatric Hospital provides treatment for people of all ages and offers a full continuum of care including inpatient and residential treatment as well as day and evening treatment programming.

Contacting the Office of Philanthropy

Judi Strout
Director, Foundation Development
Phone: (414) 615-5935

Make an online donation to Aurora Behavioral Health Services

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