The Judy Kerns Pence Cancer Fund

A daughter's legacy

Judy Kerns Pence was just 42 when she lost her battle with colorectal cancer in December 2003. Pat and Joan Kerns believe their daughter's death may have been prevented if she had been screened for the disease, which they later found runs in the family.

"Our loss was tragic. We don't want anyone else to lose someone they love to colorectal cancer," said Pat.

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Judy Kerns Pence Cancer Fund established at Aurora Sinai Medical Center

Determined to make a difference, Pat and Joan established The Judy Kerns Pence Fund at Aurora Sinai Medical Center -- a legacy of hope and health to honor their daughter's life. Because of their long association with Aurora Sinai, it seemed natural to set up the fund there.

Both Pat and Joan have been active in the hospital in various capacities, including Pat serving as board chairman. It's also the hospital where Judy and her 2 brothers were born.

"Joan and I established this fund at Aurora Sinai because we believe in it's commitment to quality and its value to the downtown community," said Pat.

The Kerns family hopes to build awareness of colorectal cancer on a broader scale and to encourage early screening and detection of the disease. To that end, the Judy Kerns Pence Cancer Fund supports several initiatives:

  • Educating physicians about the importance of obtaining complete family histories, and screening and testing for hereditary forms of colon cancer.
  • Establishing the annual "Judy Kerns Pence Cancer Lecture," featuring nationally known speakers who will discuss topics related to colorectal cancer, screening and treatment advances.
  • Outreach to targeted groups identified as being at risk for the disease.

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