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Building Healthier Communities Campaign: Aurora Medical Center Medical Equipment and Facility Upgrades

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The Aurora Medical Center celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Combining the aging of the physical environment and the expansion of the communities that we serve, it is anticipated that additional funds will be needed to upgrade equipment and some areas of the facility.

As a not-for-profit health care provider, Aurora Health Care reinvests every revenue dollar over and above its expenses back into the hospital and the community. Whenever the balance between revenue and expense is affected by negative economic pressures, the amount available to reinvest in the hospital is constrained. More patients default on their bills, delay elective procedures, and seek charitable care and assistance.

The "Building Healthier Communities" campaign can help to fill the gap created by an unsteady economy. Where budgetary dollars are not available, gifts from our community can help to expedite the purchase of equipment, address facility renovation needs, and even bring new technology to those we serve.

Our vision

We believe that every patient deserves the best care, technology and healing environment when they are treated at Aurora Medical Center. Last year, nearly 120,000 patient visits, 5,000 inpatient stays, 23,000 emergency department visits, and 4,300 surgical procedures were recorded. Additionally, almost 10 million dollars in unreimbursed care was provided to those who entered our doors. The hospital's patients will benefit as we work closely with the community to bring about such important advances as:

  • Medical equipment upgrades with enhanced technologies becoming available.
  • Accessibility to new clinical technology in a world that daily is benefiting from advanced medical research.
  • Facility upgrades that arise out of capacity and age issues.
  • Environmental opportunities to enhance the healing space so important to those we serve.

Contact information

To lend your support or learn more, please contact Debi Miller, Ed. D., at 262-767-6461 or email at

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