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These are just a few of the numerous headlines we see on a daily bases. As distressing as these headlines are, many families in Milwaukee have slightly different concerns (e.g. How are we going to afford food, rent and clothing?).

Safe StartIn Milwaukee, 39 percent of children live in poverty and 50 percent of inner-city men are unemployed. As a result of key industries moving out and an uncertain economy, many parents are struggling to meet the basic needs of their children. One consistent struggle for most of the families we see at Aurora Family Service is the desire and need to keep their children safe at home, while balancing other priorities on a limited income.

Recognizing this need, Aurora Family Service is launching Safe Start - a campaign to protect and enrich the lives of children in Milwaukee. But we need your help - we cannot keep children in Milwaukee safe without you! We invite you to learn about the challenges new families in Milwaukee face, and the chance you have to ensure every child in this community is safe at home by participating in the Safe Start campaign.

Child Safety KitParenting Education

As many of us can attest, becoming a parent can at times be overwhelming. For those struggling in poverty, the difficulties in life often put stress on the entire family and make it harder to provide the necessities they know their children need. Sadly, too many children in Milwaukee are at risk due to poor parenting skills and a lack of parental understanding. With a donation of $60, we can equip parents with the appropriate parenting skills and techniques to prevent abuse and neglect.

"I wasn't ready to be a mother. I could not even take care of myself. Something happened when I went to my first parenting class. I saw that my baby's future depended on me. Now, the best part of my day is when I read to her."

Lisa, a mother who participated in our Parenting Education program

Child Safety Kit

Our child safety kit includes:
10 safety catches
30 outlet plugs
2 cabinet sliding locks
2 multi-purpose latches
2 door knob covers
2 smoke alarms
1 carbon monoxide detector
1 fire extinguisher

About 2.5 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year.

The good news is that using simple child safety devices can prevent exposure to many in-home hazards. With a donation of $75, you will have ensured that one house in Milwaukee will become a safer environment for children.

"I feel it is so important to do a monthly check of your home. When my daughter is born, I will check each room in my house. I will check all furniture and lamps for stability and put plugs into outlets so my daughter is not electrocuted. I will be sure to inspect my house from my child's level."


Child Car Seats

Child safety seats reduce the risk of death by 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for toddlers.

Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. Proper use of car safety seats are proven to help keep children safe. Unrestrained children are more likely to be injured, suffer severe injuries or die in motor vehicle crashes than children who are restrained. Sadly, many families cannot afford a car seat that will keep their child safe. With a donation of $85, you assure one more child will travel safely and securely.

"Having children comes with its share of worries and concerns, but I have one less thing to worry about when I buckle my children in their car seats while we're driving because I know that they are proven to be safe and they save lives."


Beds for BabiesBeds for Babies

Nearly 120 Milwaukee Infants died due to an unsafe sleeping environment between 2003 -2006.

A parent or caregiver has an important job in choosing where and how their baby will sleep at night and nap time. For some families in Milwaukee the options available are not safe for their child. With a donation of $110, you provide a safe sleeping environment for a baby.

"At night when I put my daughter to sleep, I have peace of mind knowing I have a safe place for her. I know that many of my clients do not have the resources to purchase a bed for their baby. My hope is that the Safe Start campaign can bring the same peace of mind I experience to my clients in need."

Tonya, Child Care Coordinator

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