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Aurora Family ServiceFamilies need your help! This message resonated in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin 125 years ago and is still true today.

Founded in 1882, Aurora Family Service is a not-for-profit organization that works with families to create strength-based solutions through community partnerships. Our aim is to enhance the ability of families to anticipate, identify, and manage challenges they face in their everyday lives.

Your support makes a significant impact in the lives of our families everyday. Whether it is a parenting class a young mother is able to attend, an hour of counseling for a family with a child that has chosen risky behaviors, or a mother and father who risk losing their dream home because of ballooning mortgage payments.

Every day, Aurora Family Service works with families like these, focusing on their strengths and providing them the tools that will help them build a brighter future. Your support makes all that possible.

Aurora Family Service Philanthropy staff

Jane Pirsig, Executive Director
(414) 345-4422

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