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"Our son, who was so discouraged he had stopped trying, now believes that he can learn. He's finally found a school where he feels safe, comfortable, respected and understood."

- Ellen, parent of a Kradwell graduate

Kradwell School is dedicated to serving the needs of students in 5th through 12th grade who have experienced overwhelming difficulties in traditional educational environments. Our students' lives are complicated by emotional and psychological disorders such as depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, dyslexia and a myriad of other learning disorders.

Kradwell schoolKradwell's unique model of educational success is built upon the absolute acceptance of each individual student coupled with the deep belief that each is capable and deserving of success. In its over four decades of helping hundreds of students experience their dream of high school graduation, Kradwell School has earned the reputation as these children's best opportunity to develop the self-esteem, confidence and direction so central to academic and social success.

"After I dropped out of school my freshman year, I was told that I would most likely never finish high school or live a 'normal' life. However, the staff at Kradwell saw beyond my many issues and saw the potential in me. They never looked at me as the 'messed up girl', but rather as the girl who has potential and who has overcome so much. They believed in me."

- Liz Markley, MA general education

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