Aurora VNA Zilber Family Hospice

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With 75% of those in hospice care age 65 or older, many depend on caregivers who themselves are frail and elderly. In addition, nearly 1/3 of those who receive hospice care live alone.

For younger people who are caring for a loved one who is dying, the needs of other family members and the requirements of work may prevent effective hospice care in the home.

A new level of quality hospice care

We are bringing a new level of quality hospice care and end-of-life education and training to the greater Milwaukee community.

The hospice has outdoor gardens and paths accessible to every patient room and also in public spaces, so that nature can be a part of the care the patient and family receive during their stay. The patient courtyard is surrounded on all sides with windows for interior views. The courtyard also has French doors to allow patients an opportunity to stroll the gardens.

18 patient rooms, each with their own bathroom and patio, are adaptable to the patient's and family's needs. Patients can be wheeled out onto their own personal patio for a view of the woodland paths and gardens. Family members who need to keep in contact with the outside have access to the Internet. Framed artwork over the patient bed hides medical equipment that can be made available to patients if necessary.

Each of the 3 patient wings has a sunroom where family and patients can enjoy a quiet moment.

The design includes:

  • dining area
  • living/family room
  • full kitchen
  • family and patient activity space
  • private sleeping and socializing areas for each patient. All ages are admitted

Three levels of care - acute pain and symptom management, respite and residence - are provided.

A place of comfort and peace

This hospice care center looks like a gracious home and visitors of all ages will be welcome at all times. Special features include:

  • home-like furnishings
  • private rooms with bath
  • ability to personalize each room
  • access to the out-of-doors
  • a kitchen and dining room that can accommodate special family meals
  • a resource library
  • support groups
  • nutritional consultation
  • a chapel and quiet room for prayer and reflection
  • family/community rooms
  • children's play room

Patients are able to complete their life's journey with dignity and compassion, surrounded by loved ones whose needs are also cared for.

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For additional information please contact:

Judi Strout
Foundation Development Officer