Gift Planning

We are so grateful for donations that enable us to fulfill our health care mission.  Whether you give to have an impact today, or to support us in the long term, we can help you and your advisers consider ways to create a gift plan that meets your goals—both charitable and financial.

In this section, you will learn about the benefits of planning gifts to support us in the future. Below are descriptions of several ways to give. Some cost you nothing now and can be revoked if your circumstances change. Others provide a stream of lifetime income for you or others you choose. Often referred to as “planned gifts,” these gift options are ways for you to leave a legacy that demonstrate your values and provides us with long term support.




Planned Giving

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The Amicus Society

Learn about our premier giving society, and find out how you can leave a legacy that will impact people for years to come.

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Endowments are a way to leave a legacy that lasts forever, while creating stable funding sources for our hospitals and programs. 

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For Advisors 

We want to work together to make sure your clients' gifts are best for them and that they're used as they intend.

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