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Brenda Doolittle is surrounded by caregivers with a passion to help people. She’s been a Registered Nurse for 18 years, but for the last year she’s also served as the Forensic Program Coordinator for Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh’s forensic nursing program. While most other health care organizations have eliminated their abuse response programs, Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh has expanded its Healing and Advocacy Services.

“We are getting cases from 80 miles away, people come from all over. Last year we saw 34 patients and by September of this year, we had already seen 65,” said Brenda.

Thanks to donors from Oshkosh’s Live Well 2015, Healing and Advocacy Services in Oshkosh will add four more forensic nurses. Brenda and her specialized nursing team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide immediate care to victims of sexual assault and provide a forensic exam for patients. Fund support also provides Brenda and her team with opportunities for continued education and resources, so they have access to the latest information and tools needed to help survivors of abuse.

You can make a difference by helping caregivers like Brenda so they can get continued training, and provide the latest advancements in care right here in our own communities.

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Brenda and the Oshkosh forensic Nurses: Front row (L-R) Ambir Dorn, Pam Weiss-Lockhart, Brenda Doolittle, Elizabeth Hoffmann, and Brianna Baeten. Back row (L-R) Lynn Herge, Kelly Nagorny, Jamie Gill, Abby Mikota

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